About Us

Schools of Equality is an activity-based  programme that seeks to sensitize children, professionals and interested persons to inequalities such as gender, class, sexuality, caste, and religion that are entrenched in Indian society. The programme provokes participants to think, rethink and even revise prejudices and biases towards certain social groups and communities.  Participants of the programme discuss concepts of power and inequality, interrogate their rights and privileges, learn from  the experiences of lawyers, artists and leaders of social justice movements, and hone their skills to stand up for equality, and build communities of respect.

We are presently working with about 1,500 students in city and village-level schools, train teachers in 100 schools in Kadapa district, work with parents, educators and companies and have partnered with the Education Department in Chennai and Kadapa District to implement the programme.  Read more about our engagement with schools, parents, teachers and companies here.